Dominatrix Clips

Hot dominatrixes torture their slaves

Sam Deluxe forces her slave down to the ground with her dirty white Puma socks. She puts them on his face and lets him inhale the sweet smell of her sweaty soles. After that she starts to trample on his body while the hard ground bites into the skin on his back. She even steps onto his face with her full body weight and smothers him with her feet.

Mistress Vynnie & her friend Ruth take their slave out of town to a truck stop to have a little fun with him. Vynnie begins to explain to Ruth how to abuse such a waste of space in the right way. So Mistress Ruth takes her shoes off and lets the slave smell her stinky sweaty socks and feet. But Mistress Vynnie takes her own shoes off to show her how to do it right. The slave has to lick the dirt from both their feet while the ladies enjoy themselves immensely.

This is Mistress Katja's first real spitting femdom clip. She has her pathetic slave lying on the floor and sits down on his chest where she begins to spit on his face. Again and again she lets the saliva drop down until the slaves face is covered in it. But this isn't the end of it for she takes the bubble gum out of her mouth and puts it under her shoe. Walking up and down on the dusty floor she makes her slave peel it off with his tongue and chew it.

Mistress Lady Celine is very angry. This fat bastard didn't clean the house when she was working in the office. So she needs to punish him as she returns. First she grabs him by his hair. Then she shows him the dirty spots he may have cleaned. The pushes his face directly into those spots forcing him to lick them clean.

Mistress Lady Katja makes this slave lick the leather of her sexy black boots clean. She sits on a chair while he is lying on the ground under her. She makes him worship and lick and also eat the dirt which sticks to his tongue. After he is done he is allowed to worship and lick her sexy sweaty bare feet too.

Mistress Lady Katja has her slave lying on the ground as she tramples him. His hands are bound together as she steps on his chest with her sexy high heels. She kicks him and steps on him, over and over again. He must carry her whole weight. Then she takes off her shoes to feel his skin under her soft soles. She also performs some head and face standings.

Mistress Lydie and Lady Alyzee are having one slave lying on the ground as they both keep holding their shoes in his face to make him lick the dirt of them. He sticks his tongue out and licks their shoes clean. They shove their heels violently into his mouth forcing him to lick and swallow it.

Mistress Lady Diana's feet are really dirty! She decides to make her slave clean them with his tongue. While she sits on her chair he is kneeling on the ground with his hands bound together on his back. She rubs her stinky dirty feet all over his face commanding him to lick them clean! He does what the Mistress told him...

Mistress Chloe and Lady Shonna love to torture slaves and submissive freaks. This poor loser stepped into their trap. They promised him that he would be allowed to worship their sexy bare feet. He was also allowed to do so, but after he was done those cruel ladies want to get something in return! They want his balls. So they both begin to kick his balls over and over again. Each scream and beg to stop makes the fun hurting him grow...

Lady Lilith loves it when her slaves are forced to open up their mouth and lying on the bed to welcome her spit. She sits on his chest and makes him swallow her spit as she slaps him a several times. He cannot escape her and she violently keeps his mouth opened...

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