Dominatrix Clips

Hot dominatrixes torture their slaves

Mistress Lady Diana's feet are really dirty! She decides to make her slave clean them with his tongue. While she sits on her chair he is kneeling on the ground with his hands bound together on his back. She rubs her stinky dirty feet all over his face commanding him to lick them clean! He does what the Mistress told him...

Mistress Chloe and Lady Shonna love to torture slaves and submissive freaks. This poor loser stepped into their trap. They promised him that he would be allowed to worship their sexy bare feet. He was also allowed to do so, but after he was done those cruel ladies want to get something in return! They want his balls. So they both begin to kick his balls over and over again. Each scream and beg to stop makes the fun hurting him grow...

Lady Lilith loves it when her slaves are forced to open up their mouth and lying on the bed to welcome her spit. She sits on his chest and makes him swallow her spit as she slaps him a several times. He cannot escape her and she violently keeps his mouth opened...

The sado sisters are having a nice seat on their favorite leather sofa while one slave is kneeling on the ground in front of them. They both force him to lick the dirt right off their sexy boots. He does what the ladies told him and begins to use his tongue as brush. He licks their entire soles clean and also swallows the dirt as he was told to.

Mistress Lady Chanel has surprised a burglar as she returned back home. He was so shocked that he dropped his gun. Chanel reacted very fast, picked up the gun and forced him to lie on the sofa. She was too tired to call the police so she decided to make the judge on her own. Next she sits on his face with her sexy leopard skirt. She smothers him and forces him to worship her ass. After she was done she kicked him out of her flat.

Mistress Felicia is relaxing on her bed as she surfs the web using her notebook. She feels comfy and while she relaxes, her slave is made to worship her well worn sneakers by licking them clean. After that he is allowed to take off his Mistress shoes just to be able to sniff her stinky socked feet. Then she takes them off too and makes him worship her bare feet.

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