Dominatrix Clips

Hot dominatrixes torture their slaves

This guy had an enemy who wanted him degraded and humiliated. So he paid the mistress to torture and humiliate him. Since the money was good, the mistress agreed and she had fun torturing and degrading him. He was turned into a foot slave, he was trampled and he was also teased and denied by the mistress. The slave had to lick her boots clean before she let him go. She had so much fun that she forgot why she was doing it.

Lady Melody was mad at this guy for going back on his word and she had to punish him for it as she did not want him to make it a habit. She crushed his head to pump some sense into it and she let him marinate in the pain a little bit before she felt he had had enough of it and she let him go. He wished he had never gone back on his word.

Mistress Zephy is the kind of person who has to have a reason to dominate or humiliate someone. So today she chose to humiliate this guy and she did it for fun. The mistress had the guy lick her bare feet as well as choked him with her foot on his neck and enjoyed watching how he begged her for mercy. The guy even peed on himself and that is what made her stop dominating him.

Mistress Carla knows that she has a gorgeous ass. But she also knew that this guy had a crush on her and he was an ass guy. She felt that she had to find a way to fart on him for her own fun and so she pretended to show off her thongs and as the guy enjoyed the show she put for him, he found himself having to smell her farts.

Goddess Lohan was tired of the bullshit she heard from this guy and she was ready to punish him and do it in a way he never expected. The mistress did not hesitate to torture the guy using her cigarette as it was the closest thing to her at that point. But it worked so well that she did not need anything else. It was meeting her needs as a punishment tool.

This guy was too stubborn for this mistress and she could not go on tolerating the things he did. It was time to act and to make him stop doing the things that pissed her. So she used her heels to trample him and it was so painful that he peed his pants but that was not a big deal to her. The mistress knew he would not be stubborn again.

Mistress Tacha was so angry because of the embarrassing things her slave had done and which she felt would have been easily avoided had he been listening to her. Those things were done in front of her friends and that is why she was pissed. So she choked him with duct tape to make sure he would never do such a thing again. He nearly shit himself in the process.

Mistress Khali had beef with her slave because of the manner in which he did things. She did not like it and knew that it was up to her to punish him. So she used her dirty and smelly shoes to trample and choke him. She only stopped when he peed his pants and she knew he had learned his lesson. But she warned him of worse if he did not change. He did.

Madame Ellen knew that a scared loser was a good person to have because he would do just about anything you asked them to do. And that is why she used a plastic bag to choke him and humiliate him. He was scared shitless and she knew she had managed to get him in the state in which she wanted him. He never failed to obey her and carry out her instructions.

When princess Quinn is pissed, there is nothing she cannot do to punish the person who angered her. Today she chose to use her sneakers to trample the slave's balls. The slave was in pain and he cried and screamed but she did not care. She let him go on crying and screaming while she trampled, stomped and crushed his balls to make sure the mistake would not be repeated.

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