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This guy was foulmouthed and he learned his lesson the hard way as mistress Bruna made sure that he paid for his crimes. She made sure that he licked the soles of her sneakers and that he did it until they were clean. She wanted him to learn to tame his tongue and he had no choice but to do it. He learned not to talk anyway he wanted especially in front of the mistress and her friends.

This mistress lied to this guy that he was going to get the best cock sucking of his life and he looked forward to it. But he soon found out that it was all a lie as the mistress facesat him and he ate her pussy as well as her ass but she did not reciprocate. In fact, she went ahead to choke him with her hot ass before she was done and it was enough.

Lady Fenja paid this guy to guard her business premises but he did not do it as well as she wanted. He did not know how to screen people and so she had to teach him again but this time it was after she had humiliated him. She did not want to fire him because he had a family to take care of. So she had him lick her dirty boots as well as lick her spit and he changed.

Mistress Lena had tried not to let her boss hit on her but when she realized she had a mortgage to pay and she had increasing responsibilities, she knew she could use this to her advantage and make some good money out of it. So she tested his resolve by teasing him and asking him to lick her feet. He did. She pushed it once more by trampling his dick and he liked the pain. She knew she had sorted out her financial troubles.

Mistress Rissa had to punish this loser as he was now a bother to her. He was trying to seduce her but he was awkward at it and it pissed her off. So she came up with a way to deal with him and that was by making him smell her feet. She had made them smelly for that purpose so that they could be a form of punishment for him.

Lady Asmodina caught this guy spying on her and she was infuriated. She had to know why he was doing it and who had sent him. She tried it the easy way but it did not work out. So she had to use the hard way to get the info. She stripped him naked and she tied him up before ball crushing him and pulling his nipples. He told her everything.

Mistress Kitty had a neighbor who was trying his best to make her life a living hell. He was always looking for ways to piss her off and she had reached a point she was not going to take it anymore. So she stormed into his house with her friend, they went straight to his bedroom and scratched his bare back with their hands and made him lick their feet. That was a warning not a punishment.

Princess Serena has a gorgeous ass and a curvy one at that. She knew this guy would dig it and she would use it to distract him and get to do what she wanted to him. And that is what she did as she teased him and got him all turned on and wrapped around her finger. That is when she took advantage of that and she dominated him like she wanted.

Lady Sarah wanted to show this guy that she was not a pushover and she could punish him painfully and cruelly if he did not change. So the mistress stripped him naked and she had him tied to a tree before she kicked him in the nuts repeatedly. He cried and screamed as she ballbusted him and he tried to get her forgiveness but she did not listen to him.

This girl always tried to outshine this mistress but she always failed as the mistress was never in competition with her but rather with herself. She did not care what the girl did and she did not notice it. But when she became too much, she had to put a stop to some of her nonsense. So she used her sneakers to dominate her and crush her. She never tried any of that nonsense again.

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