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Hot dominatrixes torture their slaves

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Mistress Iside had an issue with this guy and to solve it, she had to make him wish he had never pissed her off. And so the mistress turned his body into a treadmill. He was in pain as she jumped and worked out on his body. He felt pain he had never felt before but she did not care what he felt. He had to endure the punishment until she was done with him.

This guy had an enemy who wanted him degraded and humiliated. So he paid the mistress to torture and humiliate him. Since the money was good, the mistress agreed and she had fun torturing and degrading him. He was turned into a foot slave, he was trampled and he was also teased and denied by the mistress. The slave had to lick her boots clean before she let him go. She had so much fun that she forgot why she was doing it.

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