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Hot dominatrixes torture their slaves

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When this guy tried to stalk mistress Dula, she asked him to stop it but he did not. She was not happy with him and she felt that he had to stop his nonsense. She was not going to ask anymore and this time she was going to make him. That is why she used her high heels to do it and it was cruel for the guy as he was not just humiliated but made to feel pain too.

When this guy catcalled mistress Dula, he did not know that she did not like it and that he was walking on dangerous territory. She ignored him and continued walking but he did it again and again. She got pissed and went to where he was but instead of it going the way he had envisioned in his head, she trampled him and kicked him all over his body to make him learn not to do that again.

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